Track and Turf

Functional Track and Turf Approved at New High School Site

June 25, 2015

In an effort to take advantage of timing and available resources, the Johnston Board of Education has approved a construction change order in the amount of $2,066,474.00 to move ahead with a track and turf at the new high school.

The board’s physical environment committee has been meeting on a regular basis with Stahl Construction’s project team, the FRK architect team, and district grounds personnel to stay updated on progress and issues that may arise.

In May, the physical environment committee was presented with an option to create a functional track and turf area that would be used for teaching and learning purposes. The track, turf, and entire stadium project is an alternate project of the new high school and is not part of the original bond referendum or project bid.

The roughly $2 million track and field will be paid for through construction-related funds such as furniture, fixtures, and equipment, the contingency fund, and rebates coming in.

Stahl Construction’s Project Manager, John Petersen, said it made fiscal sense for the district to move ahead with a functional area that could be used for physical education classes, marching band practice, and sports practice.

“As part of our efforts to value engineer different aspects of the new high school project, we were able to work with Midwest Turf and adjust the schedule at the track and field, which ended up being a cost-savings to the district,” said Petersen. “They are experts in track and turf construction and we were pleased to see the costs go down as a result of bringing them into the project.”

Stahl also helped move the project forward by lowering their overhead costs from the standard 10 percent to 7.5 percent.

The functional track and turf area will be located directly west of the gymnasium. The plan is for the infrastructure, asphalt, and curbs to be completed by fall of 2015. In fall of 2016, the rock and chips will be laid for the field. Striping to the track will be completed in late fall of 2016 or spring of 2017. The track and field area will not be used until students occupy the new high school in August of 2017; all games and meets will continue to be held at the current JHS stadium.

“We were at a point where a decision had to be made,” said Petersen. “Making the choice to move ahead on the track and turf project allows us to stay on schedule and be mindful of [that project’s] budget going into the rest of the construction period.”

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