JMS to Wallace Renovation Project

With this renovation project, the current Johnston Middle School will be remodeled into a five-section, modern elementary school, with a capacity of 750 students. Currently, the capacity of Wallace Elementary is 600 students, with limited space for classroom programs, classroom communities, the library, and lunch room/gymnasium.

The renovation would also include remodeling the back portion of the existing middle school to become the new all-district Johnston Early Learning Academy for 2-, 3-, and 4-year old preschool programs.

View the architect’s building plan

Quick facts and good things to know about the JMS to Wallace renovation project

  • Location: 6207 NW 62nd Ave
  • Capacity in current form: 1050 students
  • Capacity in renovated form: 750 K-5 students; 250 preschool students
  • Total project cost: $16 million
  • Construction: Complete renovation will begin over the summer of 2017 and be completed by summer 2018. The building will be empty (no students/staff) during this time.
  • Access: Parents can access the school off of 62nd Ave – elementary access would be in the front of the building (facing 62nd Ave); preschool access would be to the back side of the building