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Home Schooling (CPI)

Competent Private Instruction (CPI)

Competent Private Instruction (CPI) is private instruction to a child in Iowa. “Private Instruction” means instruction using a plan and course of study in a setting other than a public school district or accredited nonpublic school. The CPI category includes both home schooled children and those in non-accredited nonpublic “schools.”  Iowa Code section 299A.1:281-IAC chapter 31.

Home schooled students in our school district have options:

1. Competent Private Instruction Option 1: By or under the supervision of a licensed practitioner. A parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian simply completes the report of Competent Private Instruction and returns it to the resident district by September 1 or within 14 days of commencing CPI.

2. Competent Private Instruction Option 2: (By a non-licensed person) A parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian may meet, but is not required to meet, all of the following requirements:
a. Complete and send, in a timely manner, the report required under Iowa Code section 299.4 and this rule to the school district of residence of the child.
b. Ensure that the child under the parent’s, guardian’s, or legal custodian’s instruction is evaluated annually to determine whether the child is making adequate progress, as defined in Iowa Code section 299A.6 and this chapter.
c. Ensure that the results of the child’s annual evaluation are reported to the school district of residence of the child and to the department of education by a date not later than June 30 of each year in which the child is under competent private instruction.

3. Independent Private Instruction (IPI): Private instruction means instruction using a plan and a course of study in a setting other than a public or organized accredited nonpublic school. Iowa Code section 299A.1(2)(c). It includes competent private instruction (by a licensed practitioner or a nonlicensed person), independent private instruction, home school assistance programs, and non- accredited nonpublic schools. To enroll a child in IPI for the first time there is no form required. A parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian choosing IPI is advised to inform the district that they will be choosing this option.

4. Home school assistance program (HSAP): Districts are not required to have a HSAP. If a district does have such a program, the district must employ one or more properly licensed instructors to provide instruction or instructional supervision of CPI. The instructor is required to have contact with the child and the child’s parent, guardian or legal or actual custodian at least 4 times per quarter, half of which contacts must be face-to-face with the child. The instructor is also to advise the parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian10 about lesson plans, instructional materials, teaching/learning techniques, evaluation of student learning, planning, etc. A HSAP is not available to children receiving IPI.

Enrollment Forms and Department of Education Guidance:

Form A 2013-14 school year

Private Instruction Comparison Chart

Private Instruction Handbook 2013-14


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