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Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus
Student Information System

Parent/Student Access Link

ICPortalInfoFall2015- help guide

Staff Access Link

The Johnston Community School District uses Infinite Campus as our Student Information System. Infinite Campus is a web-based system that can be accessed for information by parents for information regarding their students.  Secondary students have accounts that give them access to their own individual information; elementary students do not have accounts. Staff members use Infinite Campus for student demographic information and the online grade book.

The student and parent portion of Infinite Campus is called the “Portal.” Students and parents have individual accounts to access the portal. Student accounts only allow the viewing of the individual student’s information while the parent account may view all students in the household.  Parents should use their parent portal account and students should only use their student portal account.

Infinite Campus accounts used last school year continue this school year.  Parent portal accounts remain valid until parents no longer have students enrolled in the district. So, once usernames and passwords have been set up, they are valid until enrollment ceases.  Users are encouraged to retrieve their passwords by using the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login screen.

For parents who have not set up an Infinite Campus account, school building office staff may assist in setting up the account.

Secondary students will need to use Infinite Campus to view their grades, as teachers do not post grade information in classrooms.  During the school year, students in grades 9-11 will also use Infinite Campus to register for classes for the following school year.  Student accounts are valid until the student is not enrolled in the district.  Student login information used last year continues this year. Users are encouraged to retrieve their passwords by using the “Forgot Your Password” link on the login screen.

Elementary students do not use Infinite Campus like the secondary students; therefore will not receive student account login information.  Parents of elementary students will receive account login information. Viewable Portal information for elementary students includes: attendance, fees, and schedule.

Infinite Campus fosters communication between our schools and students/parents. One of the communication tools in Infinite Campus includes Teacher Messenger, which will is available for staff to use. Teacher Messenger provides staff with the ability to post messages to the portal and the option to send messages to registered e-mail addresses. To ensure that you receive an e-mail message, your e-mail address must be entered into the portal in the ‘Contact Preferences’ section. Please note that messages sent via the Teacher Messenger are sent from a generic account and replies to that account will not be delivered to a person.  Attachments can be sent from district staff through Messenger with the messages.

If you need your account re-set, contact your school office. Elementary students do not have portal accounts.

ICPortalInfoFall2015- help guide

Infinite Campus Portal APP

The Campus Mobile Portal has been designed from the ground up to intelligently interact with the information stored in the district’s Infinite Campus database.

Because Campus Census informs the APP, parents/guardians with more than one student in their family can easily switch between students; information with the flick of a fingertip. It’s also integrated with the advanced, object-oriented Campus Security system, so each student in the family can only view his/her own information.

The new Campus Mobile Portal is available for free from the Apple iTunes App Store. The Android APP is also available and can be downloaded from the Android Market Store. Once the app has been installed on an Apple® iOS device (iPod Touch®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android), parents and students can access grades, attendance and schedule information virtually anywhere.

Tools within the Infinite Campus Mobile APP:
Daily Planner allows students to know exactly when and where they need to be and to see the assignments coming up in each of their classes.

Assignments provides detailed information about what students are, were, or will be expected to do in each class.

Attendance provides both summary and detail information about absences and tardies.

Grades provides immediate access to the important metrics of success and allows parents and students to “drill down” to the assignments that make up a particular grade.

Notifications, once enabled by the district, allow parent and student subscribers to receive notifications regarding changes to assignments, grades and attendance changes according to their individual notification preferences.

After installing the APP, users must enter settings.
The Johnston district ID is: WKBHSY.
Enter the account information (username/userID and password).

Campus Portal iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch APP – Instruction Document
Information from Apple on the APP

Campus Portal for Android – Download link

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my username and/or password?
Usernames can not be changed by users, but passwords can be changed from the User Account > Change Password link (left frame).

How can I change my email address record?
Email addresses can be changed from the User Account > Contact Preferences link (left frame).

What causes an account to get disabled?
Accounts are disabled when there are three mis-keyed attempts at logging into the account. This is for security reasons. Please contact the school office personnel listed below for assistance with disabled accounts.
Summit: Janene Goodenow 515-986-0318
Middle School: 515-278-0476
High School: Megan Jacobson 515-278-6786
Elementary parents: School office administrative assistant

If I have some information that is not correct, how do I get it updated?
Click on the Family Link (left frame) to see demographic information. This information can be updated at the school level. Grade questions should be addressed by the course teacher. Attendance and Fee questions should be addressed by the school level office.

How often is Infinite Campus updated?
Infinite Campus is real-time data; therefore it is updated once the data is entered. Teachers are to update the gradebook at least every two weeks.

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