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Civil War Research Project
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5th Grade Research Project - Johnston CSD


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American Civil War
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Civil War Battles
The History Place
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Ulysses S. Grant - At a Glance
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The Civil War for Kids
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Robert E. Lee
Civil War Soldier's Stories
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American Civil War Picture Album
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Women of the American Civil War
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Abraham Lincoln
America's Story from America's Library
Harriet Tubman

Civil War WebQuest Projects

A Nation Divided
Task: composing a letter to a friend from the perspective of being at one of the battles

While Battles Raged
Task: create a poster board exhibit with a triad group on these categories: women, soldiers, music

Civil War Projects

Lettters from an Iowan Soldier in the Civil War

Civil war Letters Activity
Using primary documents lesson and 3 original letters

Johnston Community School District
Creator: Ann Wiley