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Lawson Home Page

This web site will tell you how John F. Lawson Elementary School was named. Lawson donated the land for the first known school in what was then called Valley Township. We added this addition to our school web site because we're interested in the man our school was named after-John F. Lawson.

Making the Site

We started out by going to the Lawson/Kinsey Cemetery and taking pictures of John and his family's grave stones. By clicking the cemetery link, you can check out the pictures we took.

Next, we went to the Johnston Public Library to collect information on John F. Lawson. We took notes and put the information in our own words to put on this web site. Check out the Reference page for more information!

Then we started creating the web pages by putting the information into categories. One of the categories is JFL's Life. This section tells the story of the Lawson family. Another interesting section is how John F. Lawson was important to our community. This information is located in JFL Community. One more category is the Quick Facts. You will find quick and easy facts that cover most of his life. Take a quiz at the Q&A Quiz section and test your knowledge!

What We Learned

Besides learning about John F. Lawson, we learned a lot of technology skills and researching skills. We learned how to use a digital camera while taking our pictures. We also learned how to use the scanner and graphic editing software. Reading the research let us strengthen our organizational skills because we had to sort out the important facts from the unimportant facts. Making the web site taught us about working together to get things accomplished and making compromises.

John F. Lawson Home;

JFL's Life;JFL Community;Quick Facts;

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