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Infinite Campus Student Information System
The Johnston Community School District uses Infinite Campus as our Student Information System. Infinite Campus is a web-based system that can be accessed for information by parents for their family information and also secondary students have access for their own individual information. Staff members use Infinite Campus for student demographic information and the online grade book.

Infinite Campus accounts used last school year continue this school year. Letters with parent/guardian usernames and passwords for the Portal have been prepared and are being mailed out to households in the back-to-school mailing. Secondary students will receive their portal username/password information in their homeroom/seminar classes. Elementary students do not have portal accounts.

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* Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my username and/or password?
Usernames can not be changed by users, but passwords can be changed from the Change Contact Info link (left frame).

How can I change my email address record?
Email addresses can be changed from the Change Contact Info link (left frame).

What causes an account to get disabled?
Accounts are disabled when there are three miskeyed attempts at logging into the account. This is for security reasons. Please contact the school office personnel listed below for assistance with disabled accounts.

Summit: Janene Goodenow 986-0318
Middle School: Liz Sullivan 278-0476
High School: Carolyn Ware 278-6786
Elementary parents: Ann Wiley 278-0470 x114

If I have some information that is not correct, how do I get it updated?
Click on the Family Link (left frame) to see demographic information. This information can be updated at the school level. Grade questions should be addressed by the course teacher. Attendance and Fee questions should be addressed by the school level office.

How often is Infinite Campus updated?
Infinite Campus is real-time data; therefore it is updated once the data is entered. Teachers are to update the gradebook at least every two weeks.