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Jigsaw Puzzles

Word Search


Cyber Sleuth Word Searches
select category for puzzle
Catch 33
mouse over the numbers in order
Ansel Adams Jigsaw May Word Search   Santa Slider
Earth from Space Jigsaw Holiday Sweets Word Search    


Soduku Collections

Something New
Using the Noodle!
Addictive Brain Games
Master Mind
order colored pegs
The Same Game
bubble popping!

Number Hunt
gets a little harder each time!

  Crime Scene What was there? Chess


Challenge Quizzes -
What do you know?

Word Puzzles
Element Concentration
science elements
brain teasers, puzzles, quizzes and free online games
Concentration Game
computer times you - record your score!


Just Wanna Learn About....

Balloon Headquarters
history, how ballooms are made, how to twist into shapes, and more
Peter's Online Typing Course
Practice typing through Peter's Lessons and Typing Exercises
Timeline of Video Games
history of video games
Typing Practice!
lessons and a custom mode to enter your own words to practice
Computer Circus 
online keyboarding lessons
Typing Test
take typing tests to find out what your words per minute speed


Johnston Community School District